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Sam Guzzie

The Garden's Delight - Original Painting

The Garden's Delight - Original Painting

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Two 36 x 48in. original paintings by Sam Guzzie. Oil and graphite on (blonde pine) panel. Diptych. 2022


I pray thee, 

Oh, World internal,

How doth your garden grow?


With learning and 

Through happenstance, 

Across great plains of Why.

Vultures turn in circles, 


What is meant to die.


What say you,

Oh Sun of mourning,

How are we meant to sow?


With peace in death, 

Each night

In turning.

To a wake,


Each morrow's rise.


To thee I beg,

Oh, Moon asunder,

How might we stand to know?


Birthing on for


With fine senses

Through and through;

To claim with nie a query,

What remains at morning dew.


At dew, I say

Oh, Fires dance,

How certain your shadows crow.

By Grief and Love

I tend and merry,

Rejoice and stoke the flames.

I burn in communion

With the dead and the grain,

In contented hearts I remain.



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