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Veda Saravanan

CoExist - Top of the Food Chain

CoExist - Top of the Food Chain

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30"x40" original painting by Veda Saravanan

Acrylic on Canvas 

Coexist-the term that inspired this artwork. To put it mildly, have we ever given much thought to all the life forms that exist around us? In this piece, I'm trying to portray how we attempt to reduce conflicts of self, war, ecosystem, etc. while simultaneously contributing to it. The idea of coexisting would only work as a viable possibility after capitalism has depleted all natural resources and relying on others becomes a way to survive. We have the power to displace the living organisms as per our needs. As the undisputed top of the food chain and intelligent life forms, we must support the Earth that has supported our entire existence.

Veda Saravanan has always been self taught and experimental with her color palette. She doesn't hesitate to let her colors speak to her and bring brightness to her different forms of art. Veda loves to see the surprise element in the outcome of using different colors and designs. Traveling has really impacted the different ways she uses colors and culture in her work. She has been traveling since a young age and continues do so as a passion towards her art. Her distinctive style and cultural upbringing allowed her to become the artist that she is today. She has been all over the world and it continues to inspire her work.
​As for sculpting, she likes to mold day to day movements and expressions. She focuses on masks and small figurines of humans. Facial expressions have always inspired her because she feels like the smallest expression can tell volumes.

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