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Anuja Jain

Green Mandala - Original Painting

Green Mandala - Original Painting

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18"x24" Green Mandala - Original Painting

Acrylic and Gems on Canvas


Anuja Jain finds her creative spark in the vibrant tapestry of her Indian heritage. Her artistic journey comes alive through the intricate wonders of Majestic Mandalas.
Imagine mandalas as meticulously designed patterns that hold a sense of balance and harmony. Anuja, who holds degrees in Biochemistry and Bioinformatics, discovered her passion for art and found a unique way to connect with her roots. As a devoted mother, she rediscovered her love for painting and, in doing so, unearthed her fascination with mandalas.
Mandalas, known for their serene beauty, became more than just patterns for Anuja. Through her own journey of meditation, they evolved into powerful symbols of healing and tranquility. Each mandala she creates is infused with her heartfelt energy and holds a special message that resonates with the viewer.
Anuja’s creativity knows no bounds; she transforms various surfaces into her canvas, giving a new lease of life to everyday objects. Her commitment to environmental consciousness shines through as she breathes fresh artistic life into the old and discarded.
But Anuja’s art isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about stories. Every stroke of her brush is a chapter in her life’s narrative, inviting us to explore our own stories within the tapestry of her work. Her artworks have graced prestigious art shows and galleries across the Charlotte Region, earning her a well-deserved reputation as a respected freelance artist.

To delve into Anuja’s captivating world, reach out to her at or call 980-254-3155. Immerse yourself in the colorful symphonies of her mandalas, and join her on a journey that bridges cultures and fosters conversations. Anuja Jain eagerly awaits the opportunity to share her transformative art and cultural heritage with you.

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