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Sonder Yen

Inclusion - Original Painting

Inclusion - Original Painting

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30 x 40in. original painting by Sonder Yen. Acrylic on canvas.


Sonder Yen is a multifaceted artist currently residing in Charlotte, NC. Working mostly with relief printing and acrylics, she often creates work that reflects, and sometimes challenges, the ideals instilled within her since childhood. Passionate about internal healing, and harmonious coexistence amongst fellow humans, Sonder Yen's work continues to develop through the evolution of self discovery, and urges individuals to place themselves in another's shoes without being subjective. Growing up in the small town of Cheraw, SC influenced Sonder Yen to see no bounds in exploration and how she recognizes her role in the world. As she embarks on her journey to become a licensed art and expressive arts therapist, Sonder Yen continues to walk in love daily, while carrying the innate duty to dilute biases based on cultural differences, and respectively enlightening others. 

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