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Laurie Smithwick

Blaze a Path - Original Artwork

Blaze a Path - Original Artwork

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30 x 40in. original artwork by Laurie Smithwick. 


About the Artist

Laurie Smithwick is an abstract painter, printmaker, and muralist. She was born and raised in Charlotte, NC, where she began practicing as an artist and designer as soon as she could hold a pencil. She studied art and creative writing at Duke University, and graphic design and photography at Parsons School of Design. Her design work earned her a Grammy nomination, and she has delivered a TEDx talk on the genesis of ideas.

Laurie has exhibited in New York, Raleigh, the US Virgin Islands, and Charlotte, taught printmaking and painting at McColl Center in Charlotte, and created murals for many businesses and organizations, including Novant Health, and the VAPA Center.

Her abstract art is steeped in formalism, eliciting emotion in much the same way that music does—different compositions resonate on different frequencies, evoking different feelings.

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